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Data Recovery Lab provide data recovery and recover data from all storage media types using ATA, IDE, EIDE, PATA, SATA, eSATA, SCSI

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Data Erasure + Data Wipe Services:

We Destroy Data As Well. In Fact, Data Destruction is the opposite of Data Recovery.

Privacy protection laws such as Data Protection Act in the UK require secure data management and data destruction of all customers and employees' information.  From retail sales to health care, the personal information collected in the course of doing business, requires your organisationís compliance with a variety of EU and UK information security and privacy laws.

As identity theft protection becomes more and more important, Data Recovery Doctor is happy to provide data destruction services, guaranteeing information security for both your business information and/or customer data stored on your computer hard drives and data storage devices.

You may need secure data erasure if:

  • You are recycling, giving away or disposing of computers, hard drives or any electronic media storage devices
  • You are restructuring, merging or want to stop trading
  • You must ensure the data is securely erased and is irrecoverable otherwise you will be committing an offence under Data Protection Act.
  • Formatting or deleting the data DOES NOT MEAN that the data is destroyed; data from formatted or even faulty hard drives can easily be recovered and used.
  • Data Recovery Doctor can securely wipe out all your sensitive data and provide you with a Data Disposal Certificate. This means your data will not be exposed to fraudsters and identity thieves.
  • You or your company are liable if disposed electronic media such as hard drives are sifted for data and the acquired data is used for fraudulent or illegal activities.

Data Recovery Doctor provides the following data services:

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If your company stores any of the following on a computer or electronic storage device, you DO need our Data Shredding Services:

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Invoices Acquisition Strategies
  • Ledgers
  • Advertising Misprints
  • Legal Papers & Documents
  • Bank Information
  • Magnetic Media Tapes & Disks
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Maps & Blueprints
  • Market Studies and research
  • Budgets
  • Medical Records
  • Building and Computer Access Codes, Usernames, PIN numbers and passwords
  • Company Meeting Minutes
  • Electronic Microfilm & Fiche
  • Classified Documents
  • New Product Proposals
  • Company Expansion and Reduction Plans
  • Patent Application Material
  • Payroll Records, Personnel Files and employee appraisals
  • Confidential Correspondence and Memos
  • Personal Bills and Financial Statements
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Credit Card Information
  • Pricing Strategies, price lists and inventory Lists
  • Employment Applications
  • Proposals, Estimates and Quotes
  • Financial Records and investment information
  • Research & Development Reports
  • Income Tax Records
  • Insurance Coverage Records
  • Sensitive and Confidential Memos
  • Customer lists, address books & telephone numbers


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